Monday, April 12, 2010

Patty Griffin Remorse

(someone's random image of Patty Griffin online)

I love music more than normal people.  I went to my first live show at 12 with a friend and her older sister.  I have easily seen over 100 shows since.  

I did not go see Patty Griffin at the Wiltern Saturday.  I spent the day working at the hospital.  I'm lucky to love my job.  I came home like a good little mom and hung out with my family after work.  I walked down to the water where they were.  The waves were swollen and the tide was high.  Bathed the kids and dragged my body into bead.  Even if I did go, I would have been to tired and preoccupied with the kids to enjoy myself.  One day we'll play guitar and sing together.  
I'm listening to her new cd right now.  It's bluesy and soulful and I loooove it.  My friend suprised me with a copy today.


Damaris said...

I too love concerts. I go to them a lot and secretly love going to them by myself.

mariah said...

i missed my favorite band of all time this last november-they played in the bay area-when i came to hawaii. worth it, and unavoidable, but really sad. you two would be a nice combo.