Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies and a new chair

So serious. This is the first time Isaac was actually scared on the swing. Weird.
We've enjoyed the sunny outdoors lately.
Coconut Chocolate Chunk: Dangerous
So, to make these dangerous cookies, take a prepackaged dry cookie mix. Instead of the oil, just use 3/4. Then for the other 1/4, substitute coconut oil. Then add 3/4 cps shredded coconut. The coconut oil is so flavorful, even more so than the shredded coconut. This could be done to any recipe really. I'm just obsessed with coconut.

I love how this turned out. It is my first reupholster attempt. It was so fun. I put in our bedroom and it pulls the room together.

I recently watched an episode of Community. I was crying, I was laughing so hard...might have been because I was delusionally tired. Who knows.


Mariko said...

Are you talking about the Modern Warfare one?
I was dying. Really. Dying.

I am definitely doing that to my cookies.

And I wish I could do that to my chair. I am not crafty. At all.

Karen said...

i love little isaac's look and monet is beautiful anytime, anywhere. i love cookies and coconut. i love the after chair. i love YOU.

mariah said...

chelsea you are seriously pulling out the crafty guns. I can't wait to see your house. coconut oil in the cookies is so good, i'll try the pieces soon. i was inspired by mariko's new york cookies. look up choc. chip cookies on new york times. it's the one w/ bread and cake flour etc. they're sooooo good. p.s. you have to under cook them... this is really long and i'm hoping you make them so this length is worth it.