Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer finally came

Summer finally came. June gloom was still lingering around into July. We woke up to the sun on Tuesday and it hasn't left since. It feels sooo good. We've been at the beach everyday. I've been surfing a lot. The waves have been small and fun. Woke up at dawn and went out a couple times. Went with the mom's group a couple times. So greatful for the other moms who drag their kids and boards to the beach to play. Yesterday, I forgot my wetsuit top at home and went out in my bikini. I love how that feels. The water was actually perfect. Monet's been learning how to swim which is good. Except when she's getting pounded by shore break and I ask her to move up the beach a little and her response is, "It's ok, I know how to swim now mom!!"

The days have been going by faster than usual. Playing at the beach, riding bikes to swim lessons, playing with friends..... I love Summer.

(Pho­tograph of Fly surf­ing by JP Van Swae found on Liquid Salt Mag)