Thursday, August 26, 2010


Isaac has a buzz! I broke down because Isaac needed a haircut and it is such a battle to cut his hair. He just won't sit still, so I went out and bought a shaver. Now Robby wants one too.

We've been at the beach tons. Nate and Cassie in the RV.

(image from

The surf was like this today, except bigger and there were 4 more waves coming right behind it. It was so fun. The moms group drove down to Doheny, which was the perfect choice for today. It only breaks big there once a year or so. All the kids played and had fun. I was hoping it would be good, because last week was so-so. We drove to Seal Beach, which was alright. There were a bunch of shortboarders sitting on the inside blocking the way. I didn't expect that since that break is such a longboard break. Plus, It's a hike to the beach. But, it was fun just being there. I hadn't been there in about a year. Later in the week, we went to 37th street in Newport, which is a shortboard break. I wasn't totally planning to surf and I didn't. It was too big and scary for me. So, Doheny was a pleasant surprise. Plus, a new mom came out, Alyssa. We got to surf together and that was fun. We rode a couple waves together and she's good.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

San Onofre was Magical Friday

Not a bad view, under a grass hut

The adorable baby Dominic. He is soooo sweet.
Isaac was constantly found hovered over the food table.
Little Cassy doing some rock art.
Kindra and Dominic
Kindra took all the pictures at San O Friday. San O is a magical place. I want to spend as much time as possible there. I feel like we never know how long some of these beaches will be around as they are now. There's a pretty large nuclear power plant there that needs to be updated. The community just won a battle with a construction firm which was trying to build a toll road there. I feel like it's a constant battle to keep our earth as nice as possible.

The waves were epic Friday. The biggest ones were 6 or 7 feet. The report said 3-5 or something, but it was bigger. I start to panic when I see a wave crashing at me that is that size, but then I dive under the wave and I remember where I am. At San O the waves are soft and rolly...for the most part. It's a must to have a long board there. Once you are in the wave, when it's that big, you feel like you are flying in the air with a wall of wave behind you. And the ride lasts forever. You just float along this wave for days. Then you hop off and paddle back out and do it all over again. It's a far paddle which makes for a good workout.

I've been surfing a lot lately. Mostly at Bolsa Chica. The waves have been small, but I can't complain. The girls I surf with are awesome. The kids are so sweet and I love that everyone gets along.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

small waves, friends and surf moms

Maurella and Ekemba
When my parents came to town, I drove to LA after work for my friend Maurella and her fiance's impromptu engagement party. Maurella and I met at work. She's a social worker too. She's one of my favorite favorite friends. Down to earth, fun, laid back. I am so happy her and Ekemba are getting married. I love the rare night out, but dread the consequences so I don't do it that often. The next day, my mom tells me, watching the kids was, "very hard." Hilarious.
Jen O. surfing.

I realized something the other day. Last summer was good in it's own way. Lots of walks and play days at the park. Time at the beach, but not a lot of surfing. It was the first summer I really made peace with that. I decided I wasn't going to get bummed when I walked by the waves and couldn't surf even though they were perfect and rolly, because I had the kids. Anyway, this summer I have surfed more than I have ever surfed since I was too pregnant with Monet. I have met the coolest girls (or surf moms) and become better friends with the few I met last year. I feel so lucky. It's been fun.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Time

The kids played while we watched the surfers at the US Open. That was nice.
I am in love with my friend Cathy's boys. She scored the sweat bands and water bottle guitar at one of the venues. This is Zach.
Isaac has a serious sweet tooth. When he sees the chocolate chips in the cupboard, he freaks out.
Monet, Juliana, Christie and Logan. I love our little friends.

Monet's birthday. She clung to Robby all day. It was sweet. He's been working a lot. Summer is his busy season. Everyone wants home repairs.

Shore break. I'm not complaining. It was fun.

Same day. Super small and fun.
These two would cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. They even wanted to sleep in the same sleeping bag...but that didn't happen.

It's been a little hectic around here, but mostly fun. My parents usually stay with us for two weeks at the end of the summer. It's really the only time I see them each year. This time they came twice in the span of two weeks. They brought Grandma Carol and Mariah the first trip. My nephew Logan came along for the second trip. When Grandma Carol was here, we went down to Crystal Cove and saw all the old beach cottages there. I wish I could live in one. A little beach cottage with an ocean breeze is my dream house. We ate lunch at the cafe and I brought back a nice book with the history of each cottage along with photos as far back as they date. Monet loved having Logan here as did I. They played together the entire time and never got sick of each other. Monet's birthday party was success. We had a pinata and a mermaid cake. We ended up going to a water park in the morning, so I ran out of time to actually make a cake. Each kid got a swing at the pinata, but it was the moms who ended up cracking it open.
I've gotten to surf more than expected thanks to the surf moms group and waking up super early. I find myself calling each surf session "surprisingly fun" and I think I know why. My long board was out of commission because with the kids around, it took me extra long to fix the dings. In the mean time, I was riding my 8'2" fun board. It's super fun on any wave and I get more of a work out when I paddle on it. Other than that, we've been in the sun a lot, walking around town. Saw the band Weezer downtown at the US Surf Open for free last night. Isaac was dancing around and loved it. Their music is so fun. They played on a stage on the sand. The crowd was all around them and the huge blue ocean was the backdrop. That was rad.
Monet starts Kindergarten in 3 weeks. My heart kind of dropped when I realized how soon it was. I love my job. It payes the bills, but I don't want to have her in school all week and then be gone at work all weekend...might be looking into a new job strategy real soon...