Thursday, August 26, 2010


Isaac has a buzz! I broke down because Isaac needed a haircut and it is such a battle to cut his hair. He just won't sit still, so I went out and bought a shaver. Now Robby wants one too.

We've been at the beach tons. Nate and Cassie in the RV.

(image from

The surf was like this today, except bigger and there were 4 more waves coming right behind it. It was so fun. The moms group drove down to Doheny, which was the perfect choice for today. It only breaks big there once a year or so. All the kids played and had fun. I was hoping it would be good, because last week was so-so. We drove to Seal Beach, which was alright. There were a bunch of shortboarders sitting on the inside blocking the way. I didn't expect that since that break is such a longboard break. Plus, It's a hike to the beach. But, it was fun just being there. I hadn't been there in about a year. Later in the week, we went to 37th street in Newport, which is a shortboard break. I wasn't totally planning to surf and I didn't. It was too big and scary for me. So, Doheny was a pleasant surprise. Plus, a new mom came out, Alyssa. We got to surf together and that was fun. We rode a couple waves together and she's good.

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