Saturday, August 14, 2010

small waves, friends and surf moms

Maurella and Ekemba
When my parents came to town, I drove to LA after work for my friend Maurella and her fiance's impromptu engagement party. Maurella and I met at work. She's a social worker too. She's one of my favorite favorite friends. Down to earth, fun, laid back. I am so happy her and Ekemba are getting married. I love the rare night out, but dread the consequences so I don't do it that often. The next day, my mom tells me, watching the kids was, "very hard." Hilarious.
Jen O. surfing.

I realized something the other day. Last summer was good in it's own way. Lots of walks and play days at the park. Time at the beach, but not a lot of surfing. It was the first summer I really made peace with that. I decided I wasn't going to get bummed when I walked by the waves and couldn't surf even though they were perfect and rolly, because I had the kids. Anyway, this summer I have surfed more than I have ever surfed since I was too pregnant with Monet. I have met the coolest girls (or surf moms) and become better friends with the few I met last year. I feel so lucky. It's been fun.


Damaris said...

surf moms is such a cool title. i wanna be a surf mom. i really need to learn to catch my won waves without having christian push me in.

anyway. i am loving your new blog design. very clean and organized.

Karen said...

very pretty pictures. you look happy.