Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Week

Our story of the week (out of sequence):

(image from liquidsaltmag online)

Only surfed once this week. I almost didn't go because right now I'm shark bait and where we were going is a hang out of theirs. Also, I had already taken a road trip on Tuesday to the Santa Monica pier. I was a little burnt out on driving, but carpe diem. I piled the kids in the car and we met up with our neighbors for a day at San O. The sun never totally cam out, but the kids played and Johanna and I took turns surfing. I'm so glad she's an extrovert and that we became friends. I put this beautiful picture up from liquid salt online mag because it reminds me of San O waves. Perfect for walking on your board. It was fun. There were a few long boarders out that were amazing. It's always nice to see a graceful surfer.

I totally don't care if you judge me, but this has been my guilty pleasure. My brain is so fried after putting the kids to bed, most nights all I can do is watch a little TV, then crash into bed. I love hearing each person's story about their tattoo. Half of them, I'm rolling my eyes at how stupid it is and the other half I think are cool. I also love how each tattoo artist has chosen to be something that is not normal in our society. You seriously have to commit to a lifestyle when you have a tattoo crawling up your neck.
Like I said, we went to the Santa Monica pier Tuesday. I had never actually been on the pier. I usually try to drive through LA as fast as I can to get to Malibu or more north. Anyway, the pier is set up like a carnival. We met up with Aunt Sue and Uncle Ben and our cousin Luke. Monet and Luke held hands. We got cotton candy, the kids rode on the rides. It was a lot of fun. I think it would be a great place for a date.

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Friday, we met up with the surf mom group, but it was too windy to surf. As soon as we got to the beach, Monet ran to the water. It was freezing, but that didn't stop her. She begged me to take her surfing. I was hesitant only because it was so cold and she always backs out. So, I told her, "If I get my wetsuit on, you have to get on the board. You can't change your mind."

She agreed and actually let me push her into some little waves. This is a first. so I was super surprised and excited. And, she liked it. Maybe next time, she'll let me take her further out.

We also spent hours at the park Wednesday, which was nice since we haven't been there in a while. We're trying to squeeze every last inch of funness out of summer, since Monet starts school next Wednesday.

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