Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blackies Surf Tuesday

I surfed Blackies today with some other moms/friends. Robby got to ditch work and come too. That was sooo nice. We were surfing every weekend before Isaac came around. That's ok, I think he's worth it. And, I love only working two days per week. Anyway, there is a swell right now. Blackies was head high with a super high tide, but it's a slow break. I surfed my longboard and that was the wrong board today. The waves were slow and fat to get in, then they would break really steep . They were really hard to get into because of the high tide. And, I don't like late take offs when I'm riding a long board and the waves are big. My girlfriend was out with me and she was taking off on everything. She's awesome and I was feeling lame. I need to be more brave and bring the right board next time. The sun was out though!! It felt so good and the kids played in the sand and I got to spend time with good friends. Whenever I have a less than great surf session, I have this nagging desire to redeem myself. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to go to this weightlifting class, but am contemplating ditching it for the beach.
You can see pics of the swell here at the best ever Daily Bread blog.

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