Saturday, October 16, 2010

This Week

I went here twice.

Got these on sale today..Yay! I've been wanting them for a while. But I couldn't justify paying full price.

Almost done reading this.

This week has been full. Wednesday night, we drove down to San O. It was a little gray out, but the water was warm. The waves were big. After a struggle to get out, I caught a fun wave with my friend Tony. I paddled back out. A set came in and I didn't quite make it over one of the waves. I lost my board and my leash snaped off. I swam as fast as I could and caught it right before another wave crashed on my head. I caught a couple more over head waves, then paddled in so Robby could have a good surf before the sun went down. Plus, I was a little nervous due to the size and losing my board and all. We had a bonfire. The kids ate way too many marshmellows. We drove home, stinky like ash and sandy. It was fun.

The new season of Biggest Loser started. It is my favorite show ever. It's inspiring and motivational. They take these people who are depressed and unmotivated and morbidly obese and they work them out to the max and feed them only healthy food. They usually have some sort of emotional breakthrough and all of them lose weight. Last week, this tough guy from Chicago was taking a beating from Bob, one of the trainers. After his weigh in, he said, " You think you have reached your physical limit, then Bob pushes you to a place you had no idea you could reach." He said he almost cried on national television. Then, he told about how prior to the show, he had been on 7 injections of insulin and taking 6 pills twice a day for various medical problems. He felt like a walking pharmacy. He said, after just a few weeks of working out hard (they pretty much work out all day), he was off ALL medication. He said, when you show your body love, it's the best medicine.

On that note, I got a three month free pass to 24 Hour Fitness thanks to some lawsuit. I worked out there twice last week. It was amazing. The gym is an old friend of mine. I hadn't been there since Monet was a tiny baby. But, going back it felt like I had never left. I put my headphones on. I sweat. I pushed myself so hard. It felt amazing and all in peace with Isaac in the little kiddie gym.

I started reading the "Four Agreements" this week. I'm almost done. I love inspirational, philosophical kind of reads. Most of the information isn't totally new to me. It's just good to be reminded. The author, Don Miguel Ruiz, is from Mexico. He became a surgeon after studying in the US, but after a near death experience, decided to go back to his roots and study spirituality from a shaman. The book is based on these four agreements that a group of spiritualists called to Toltecs believed to help you create your own mental heaven on earth. It's good.


Karen said...
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Damaris said...

I love 24 hour fitness. The babysitting makes it so that I can go to zumba and spinning. yay