Friday, November 5, 2010

Heat Wave

We've been having a heat wave. I believe it was in the 90's yesterday. That's summertime hot for us spoiled southern californians. ...And there's a swell. Perfect. We went to San O Wednesday night for the last surf/bonfire before the time change. Thursday, I took the day off to hang out with Isaac, clean, and get organized. It was so hot and I was achey from my body pump class earlier in the week. I could barely peel myself off the couch even to make a popsicle run. Today, it cooled off a little. It has been the best day ever. Some days fly by. Here's the breakdown:
  • Wake up at 6 by Isaac alarm. Morning routine. Off the take Monet to school.
  • Met up with surf mom's and babies at Bolsa Chica. Super fun surf session. A little fast, fun, swollen, long lines.
  • Came home. While at home, put Isaac down for a nap(which never happened), cleaned the shower, showered, ate, left to get Monet.
  • Walked the kids to the park. Friends came with kids. Played/chatted. Left for home.
  • At home again. Rest, eat dinner/popsicles, tubbie time/bed.
What a good day.

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