Thursday, November 11, 2010

ocean love

I'll post this today, since the tornado like wind is keeping me from surfing:

(found at ando and friend's blog)

I guess I'm famous because my friend spotted this picture on and emailed it to me. Ha ha, I wish it was of us surfing instead of us paddeling around. This is my bestest friend Chris. I remember this day. It was so fun. Whoever took the picture must have been on the pier with one of those foot long lenses. Now, I'm wishing I had some rainbow bikini bottoms like Chris.

(Kurt Steinmetz photo, also found on

I love this view. The water is so glassy. I really want to get one of those cameras on the end of my board. Hint hint Santa..oh yeah, that's me.

Same photographer/surfer. Now, I think this guy's really cool: Check out the mustache. It looks like he's having so much fun.

(Ross Fletcher found on

Check out the super green, glassy water at Seal Beach. What a cool picture.


Mariko said...

That wave is so cool. You found a picture of yourself on a surf site? Yep. You're famous.
I tell myself pretty often that someday I will get good at surfing (and actually go surfing more than 2x a year).

Karen said...

and i was going to ask how your surf date went today. wish i really could. :)