Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

And visions of Thanksgiving danced in their heads...I almost couldn't sleep the night before Thanksgiving because I was so excited to cook the next day. Everyone only made a few dishes since it was pot luck style, so I had to make mine extra good. I made buttermilk mashed potatoes with grated parmesan, rolls with garlic butter, parmesan and bacon, and brown sugar sweet potatoes with a little bacon infused and roasted marshmallows on top- Hello! Everything was soooo good. Oh, I also made a stuffed pastry with chicken, onion, melted cheese, bacon and parmesan for appatizers that was so good. Monet helped with those and actually made a few all on her own.

Chuck, the grandmaster/pirate turkey roaster.

Robby and "Billy Buffet"

Monet confiscating Chris's iphone for the fun games. Maybe I should invest in one of those :)

There are many compliments that may come to an individual in the course of a lifetime, but there is no higher tribute than to be loved by those who know us best.-Dr. Dale E. Turner

What I'm most thankful for-

I went to sit down and found these two in the living room.

(And....I just cut my bangs-aaahhh! I can't stop.)


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Nippon Nin said...

Those pies look amazing and look big! What a cute little girl you have. Our Thanks Giving weather was wet and cold but I'm thankful I got to see grand chiildren.
Looks like you had wonderful day as well.