Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Advent

Made this for my parents, obviously a while ago. It was soooo fun. I loved how it turned out. I had drawn out each square last year, but didn't have time to make it. Robby's mom gave us a hand painted wooden stocking advent calender when we first got married. I love it. Each little square is the size a of a quarter with a detailed figure painted on it. She said she painted each of her kids one (all 7), but was saving Robby's for when he got married....I thought that was funny. How long were they going to hang on to that thing?

It's been raining for about one week here...non-stop. No sun for one week. It was killing me. I was feeling claustrophobic, like there was no where to get fresh air with sun. I almost went tanning. Yes, in a tanning bed. Today the sun came out and it didn't rain all day. It felt so good. I managed to get to the gym Wednesday and it felt so good. Sweat dripping work outs. Then, today I busted out the treadmill before our crazy day began. crazy fun. I wanted to sweat out some of the junk food I've been stuffing myself with. I'm feeling some major changes coming with the new year...starting with sugar. Like less of it. I can't wait for Christmas. Of course to see the kids so excited, but mostly to give Robby his gift. I got him a new keyboard. We are really random with gifts. We mostly get little things for each other, like he gets me chocolate or something. But, every once in a while we'll get each other something unexpected. Like one year, for mother's day, he surprised me with a new beach cruiser. So sweet. I wasn't going to get him anything, but at the last minute, decided to go with it. Robby plays a tiny keyboard almost every night. He loves it and I love listening to him play. He likes playing on a keyboard because he plays at night and he can adjust the sound. So, I got him a full sized 88 key keyboard with weighted keys, like a grand piano. I'm so excited. I hope he hasn't figured it out yet.

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Liz said...

good job on the calendar! you are so crafty. can't wait to see you guys!