Saturday, December 31, 2011

Surfs Up Santa

This is our friend Dennis on Christmas Day. My best friend Chris was wearing her Santa hat too. Last Christmas I got to surf. But this year it was a little big, so I decided rather than loading the kids up and driving to my smaller/safe spot, I would spend the day with them and let it be their day. We played all day and had dinner with some friends on our street in the evening. So nice.

Tuesday, I surfed Blackies in the fog with the swell that has been here for about a week now. It was so fun. Perfect, long 3-4 foot glassy set waves. The water has been crystal clear lately. As far out as you paddle, you can see the ripples of the sand under the water and little seashells. I've been wanting to take my goPro camera out just to get some shots under water, but haven't remembered yet...I have some new year's resolutions floating in my head. Just being healthy ones and setting some goals for learning new things and practicing other things more often...

Dennis, the surfing Santa, is so nice and fun. I've been to his beach house in Sunset. It's on 5th Street; the street where we got married on the beach. He said he remembers seeing our wedding from his window. His house is preserved in it's original 50's decor down to the shag carpets. The walls and ceiling are covered in wood. He has yellow counter tops and yellow and teal tile in his bathroom, a dancing hula girl lamp and a stained glass window above his kitchen sink. He collects all things vintage including surfboards and even has a wooden telephone booth in his garage. He has a consta-smile and you can't help but smile back when you see him.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Christmas time again...

Some shots with my mom-in-laws awesome camera. I am jealous. I sold my crappy camera though, so I'm one small step closer to getting a decent small step. Seriously though, it was so nice of them to come. The kids loved it and loved torturing their dog too.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Surf Moms & Christmas stuff

We had a super fun Chritmas-y/going away party for one of our Surf Moms, Kindra and her fam. What a fun group of ladies. I'm so lucky to be friends with them. There's something extremely comforting about having friends that share common interests and values with you.
In other news, I don't think we are moving after all. James told Robby, if we didn't find a roommate by January 1st, he wouldn't make us pay for their part of the rent for a month. I also think we found a roommate. He lives in Santa Barbara and his wife goes to UCSB, so he says. He turned in his app and we are just waiting for James to give the go ahead.
We've passed out almost all of our Christmas treats and I started wrapping presents today. This year, I made decorated sugar cookies, chocolate peppermint cookies, candy cane red and white twisty cookies and peanut butter/hershey cookies. Isaac helped me and now he is a pro at cracking eggs. We also got our family picture with Santa thanks to Robby's mom who shot it with her awesome camera. His parents came to visit this week. The kids were in heaven. Today, I took out all the gifts I've stashed throughout the year and realized I have two gifts for Isaac and a ton for Monet. Not sure how that happened...I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning. So fun.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Monet loves Santa

Monet loves to remind me that she believes in "God and Santa." Isaac wants nothing to do with the latter. We're going to try to bribe him for a family photo with Santa...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

zen and surfing

Life has been a little crazy lately...with the business of the holidays and now pretty sure we are moving. I have loved living a block from the ocean. It has been so nice to look out the window and see the blue sea and sunshine. It's funny how some things lay down in your life. I remember walking through the house we live in now several yrs ago when Robby was fixing it up. I told him, I couldn't believe anyone would want to live there. It's super fabulously 80's with mirrored walls and stark white carpet. Huge yellowed intercoms in many of the rooms. Then, one day when James and Robby were surfing. James asked Robby if we would like to stay there and if we could get subleasers we could pay pretty cheap rent. It was a risk, but be took it and have enjoyed the ride for almost 3 yrs now. We have grown to love our roommates like family and will miss them the most. I've been saying that I want a smaller place for a long time. One that we could make cozy and call it our own. I think there is some truth to putting your desires out there in the universe and sometimes they come find you.

Thanksgiving was nice. The food turned out amazing, but it was a little crazy too. All the kids running around. Being with people I don't know totally well. It takes me a little while to warm up to people. I think I'm just stressed subconsciously and don't totally realize it. I think I'm missing my family...

We surfed twice last week at one of my favorite spots: Blackies. The kids love it there. There was a small swell and the water was crystal clear like an aquarium. Just thinking about it makes me calm. Yoga has helped a lot too. I found these gems while I was thinking things over:

for whatever we lose (like a you or a me)

it's always ourselves we find in the sea

e.e. cummings

radical photography found heHERE

Thursday, November 17, 2011

October to November

Isaac prefers to boogie board in his birthday suit.
Our good friends, Franklin, Kindra and Dominic who are moving to Peru in December. Going to miss them very much.
Our spread for the Halloween party. It was a lot of work, but sooo fun.
In the very right corner of the picture you can see our roommate, Stephanie, in the monkey suit. She and her boyfriend made it. So impressive. This wasn't even the whole gang.
This was awesome. We had a doughnut eating on a string contest. We had to tie all the kids' hands behind their back. You can see our neighbor peeking over the fence to check it out.

Movie time.
Finally got around to posting some recent pictures. We've had the most amazing swell this week with practically no wind. The water has been crystal clear. I got to surf with the fishes and walked almost to the end of my board. I'm so close. I got about 4 inches from the nose. It's a goal I've had for a long time. I've been loving yoga as well. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it's looking pretty promising this year. I was telling some friends at the park about how we used to have a bunch of friends over for Thanksgiving, but everyone has gone their own way or has other plans this year. Turns out, some of our friends were in the same situation. Now we have 3 other families coming over. We're going to surf, eat around 4 and bonfire in the evening. My birthday lands on Thanksgiving this year, so I'm extra excited. In other news, our friend had to raise our rent...a lot. Sadly, our roommates, Stephanie and her boyfriend Andrew, are moving out. We're looking for a new roommate. If we don't find one we'll be moving out too. I've loved living here, especially with our roommates and the super low rent. But, it might be time for a change....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

missing this...

image from HERE

I'm trying to relax and unwind from the last few days which have been crazy. Mostly crazy fun. We had a killer (kid) Halloween party Friday. I've always wanted to do one and Friday it happened. I made 4 pounds of turkey chili, meat and cheese baked cresent role snakes, witches finger bread sticks, decorated sugar cookies, punch and other stuff. We played games. The kids did arts and crafts. But, mostly they ran around in their costumes and for the next 24 hours, Monet said, "That Halloween Party was so fun."

Isaac woke up the next morning saying, "Where my friends?"

The next afternoon, I accompanied Monet to an eight hour birthday extravaganza which took place at Downtown Disney Studio 365...only in Orange County...Anyways, the lucky handful of girls got to eat at the Rainforest Cafe and had Rock Star make-overs at Studio 365. Pictures to come.

I loved our party, but I have a little sore throat and I chose to forgo a few surf sessions in order to party-prep and then recoup. So, I'm missing the clensing from our ocean. Hopefully, I'll get wet and catch some waves Tuesday.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

found here

loving this ink and glitter halloween art . we are having a halloween party friday. so excited. maybe i'll post some pictures soon...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life is Better When You Surf...

Found here

by her

Stumbled on this post on life and travel and loved it.

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is notheing lacking, the world belongs to you.

Lao Tzu

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween ideas...

These are actually painted rocks with twigs glued on.

This is a foam wreath with black duct tape and the candy glued on.

We're going to have a Halloween party and I'm getting way too excited. I found a bunch of amazing ideas online. I wasn't planning on posting these, so of course I can't remember where I got them. But, they were so cute, I had to share. They were linked from a blog I just added to my craft blog roll to the right

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Hero

(This is not a 9/11 picture. It's a beautiful, more recent shot of New York I believe. I found it online. Origin unknown)

You can't escape all of the media covering 9/11's past. I've been trying to ignore it, but the survivor's stories and recounts from that day pull me in and I get hooked. I was particularly moved by the story of Rick Rescola I found on Yahoo. He was a war veteran of Vietnam. At the time of the attacks was head of security for a company that occupied 22 floors on the south towers. After the first plane hit, he ignored the instructions to stay put and ordered everyone to evacuate as they had practiced in their drills. 2,500 people survived that day because of him. He never made it out. He is a hero in every sense of the word. He ignored orders to stay put and did what he knew was right. I love that. I think that's a lesson that is invaluable in life. Do what you know is right, not what someone is telling you. Sometimes that is really hard to do. I am so impressed by the stories of these heroes that lost their lives that day to save others.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

some pretty things..

can't remember where from

from Pearl Bee blog

from Pearl Bee blog

Can't remember where from

from girl in the curl website

this too

from Pearl Bee blog

from Patchies Hideout

I have been sewing up a storm lately...not really, because I don't have time. But, I have been sneaking it in whenever possible..following Isaac around the block with a needle and thread, finishing an applique, or staying up late after I put the kids to bed. I made a little dress for Monet from a 70's pillowcase and a lost-and-found top. I'm working on a couple toddler backpacks made from discarded couch covers from IKEA. One's for Isaac and the other is for his buddy Noah who is having a pirate party next month. I'm going to post a tutorial for the backpacks only because I love reading other people's tutorials online and learning how to do something new. Right now, it's trial and error and so far they are easy and super cute. I'll post some pictures soon. Projects on the horizon: Rapunzel and batman Halloween costumes and a wedding quilt for a friend.

I have also been working on mastering the perfect pizza dough. This is not to be confused with a general "perfect pizza dough." Everyone's is different. Mine is exactly Grandma Mimi's pizza dough. I want it to be simple and have all the basic ingredients and taste amazing. No kitchen aids required. The latest recipe I tried was this one and it's almost perfect...The dough was a little sticky, but it tasted almost just right after it was baked. I added a lot more flour than suggested and I don't think I kneaded as long as I should have...but I'm still learning.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them- that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

-Lao Tzu

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monet and I floating at San O

Monet and I have been having so much fun floating in the low tide. A couple times her and I got on my board and rode the white wash. My friend captured this on her phone.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

San O Friday

I finally put the Go Pro attachment on my longboard Friday. We were at San O for a surfmom beach day. It was a perfect day. The waves were nice, the company good, the kids played all day. I feel like I'm home at San Onofre. It was fun to plug in the Go Pro and see what I had recorded. I got my friend Jen in some of the footage. She is one of the super cool moms we surf with. She's always up for an adventure and fun to surf with.
Towards the end the camera gets some fog in it. I put some natural/organic wax on my board and within the first 5 minutes it rubbed off. So, I slipped off my board on one of the waves...and I don't know why the video is blurry when I post it on's totally focused on my computer...oh well, it's still fun.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Liquid Salt Style

I love the Liquid Salt blog/website. It is filled will beautiful and inspiring pictures and stories of artists and athletes who love the ocean. Whenever I read an interview, it makes me want to create something and get wet. The interviews are all the same format and I thought it would be fun to answer the questions for myself. he he. Just in case I ever surfed well enough or became successful in the arts department. You know, I just want to be prepared.

What was life like growing up?
I grew up in suburbia in Sacramento and was kind of a tom boy when I was young. I would follow my boy cousins around and try to be like them. We would ride our bikes around the entire town and live at the city pools all summer long. There was a summer when I rollerbladed every day, all day. We were constantly looking for fun, climbing trees. I spent a lot of time with fiends and had a very independent childhood.

Who did you look up to and admire when you were young?
I looked up to my dad a lot. He is strong and wise. He has so many good qualities. My grandparents for sure. I grew up with both sets. They are and were unique in their own. By example, they taught me how to love, be adventurous, work hard, never stop learning, be healthy, and just be good to people around you.

What was the feeling you had when you first stood on a surf board?
I remember the day exactly like it were yesterday. I had tried to surf a couple times before, but wasn't ever able to paddle out past the whitewash. This day, I was at Turtle Bay with my cousins. They had all jumped out where the waves were breaking past the pool. I was too scared, so I was just playing on one of their boards in the shallow water with one of my other cousins. Our friend was spear fishing for squid. He asked if we wanted him to push us into some waves. He pushed me into one and I stood up and rode it a ways. I could see the coral through the clear water. It was magical. I get the same feeling still.

Who/what inspires you?
Anyone who is out there creating things and living life to the fullest, being the best they can be and is passionate about it: writing, surfing, making music, making art, whatever. I'm a mom, so I see a lot of women with their kids. It's easy to get lost in that life because it 's so consuming. Giving 100% to your family is great, but I think everyone should give a little time to themselves. Even if it's just once a month.

Of all the places you have traveled to, what place in particular stands out and why?
I live in Huntington Beach and I think it is heaven on earth. But, Hawaii is so beautiful. I've been wanting to visit there lately. I love Greece. The people are so down to earth. They are comfortable with their bodies. I love the fresh food there. I also love Lucern, Switzerland. The contrast of the steep, green mountainside with the glassy lake. Lafonda in Baja is beautiful too. The ocean there has an uninterrupted skyline and you can camp right on the cliff overlooking the water.

What is the great est thing you have learned in your life?
That the present is all there is or will ever be. Right now. This very moment.

What are you most proud of?
Who I am and what I believe in. It took me a long time to get here. But it feels so good to be in a place where you are comfortable with yourself.

What meaning does surfing hold for you and how has it changed your life?
Surfing is a source of happiness. It forces you to live in the moment. I don't think about anything else when I'm surfing. Just joy. Enjoying mother nature to the fullest. Loving the earth. Finding something that you love adds joy to your life.

What brings you the most happiness in the world?
Having peace of mind and being calm. Also, enjoying good heath for me and my loved ones. I feel the best when I'm moving around, especially when I get to surf or do something that I love. Being with other people that have positive energy.

Who are some of the people you feel are shaping the path for surfing today?
Local groups that get people out in the water, enjoying life. My friends organized a women's surf group called Wahine Kai. I also belong to a free surf mom's group (it's on facebook). We trade off watching the kids and surfing.

What is your favorite board? Your favorite surf spot?
My favorite board is our Robert August 9'6". I love that board. It practically pushes you to the nose. I also love my Rockin' Fig 8'2" fun board. I can move around and do cut backs more easily. My favorite longboard spot is San O. Depending on the day, Bolsa Chica jetty, the Huntington Pier or 20th St can be super fun too...Seal Beach Jetty and Blackies are a couple of my favorites.

What’s your favorite meal?
Currently, its a roasted beet salad with feta cheese, toasted walnuts, some onions and vinaigrette dressing. yum.

What are you currently listening to on your iPod?
Modest Mouse, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Jenny Lewis, Willy Mason, Zee Avi, Patty Griffin, The Dirty Heads, Sublime...I love music.

What causes, projects or orga­ni­za­tions do you sup­port?
Surfrider Foundation and our mom's surf group. I was also watching my friend's son once a week, so she could finish college. I'm all about giving myself to help rather than just giving money to an organization. Helping someone when they need it is important to me. I also fill trash bags with garbage from the beach as often as I can. It's an easy way to keep our beaches clean. I try to use plastic as little as possible and recycle.

What are you most grate­ful for?
My family and this earth. I am so lucky and blessed. I love my two kids and my husband so much. For the life I have had that has made me who I am today. I wouldn't change it for anything. My friends. Everything.

What’s next for Chelsea Panter?
I don't know. I'm going to enjoy what I have right now. In a couple years, I might make some changes with work. I might try doing something that I'm more passionate and creative with for a living...or maybe surf more, play more music. We'll see.