Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my new creation and more surf/friends

We hung out at Blackies for about an hour staring at the waves deciding if it was worth getting in since it was so small. It felt sooo good just to get wet.
Love this picture my girlfriend, Jen, took of her daughter Cassie and Isaac. They have a love/hate relationship. Isaac chases her around and Cassie squeals. It's pretty funny.
Kindra and Dominic
Steph and Elea
Ah ha!! My new creation. I've been wanting to try to make a jumper for a while. This is made from a huge men's pinstripe dress shirt and some other scraps. After the first day's attempt, it was looking pretty bad. I let it rest, then finished it today. It's not exactly what I saw in my mind, but I like it.

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Karen said...

i love seeing your life. very cute mom friends, you included. i have never seen a picture of isaac i didn't love. you are as cute as a button yourself.