Sunday, January 23, 2011

stepping out

My ears perk up when I hear certain things that sound right. I was reading an article in our local paper about this 17 year old surfer girl who I believe is 3rd on the world circuit right now. Her mom has to travel to most of the locations with her because of her age. In the article her mom said something like-We've learned half the battle is just showing up. That stood out to me. I just feel it's true with a lot of things in life. Just go, get off the couch and get yourself there and see what happens. Go to the gym, put your wetsuit on, open the paint box. Can you tell I'm talking to myself??... A few weeks ago, I was hanging out with some girlfriends, anxious about returning home because I didn't want Robby to get bugged because I was out too long or stressed with the kids. The thought crossed my mind that I wished he would hang out with his guy friends more, so he could have an outlet like I did. Well, wishes do come true. Robby has been playing his keyboard with our friend James (also our neighbor) and a bunch of other guys in their garage band they've set up. James and Robby have been putting the pressure on me to come sing with them. My voice is kind of messed up and I don't know any of the guys. It's all amped and loud. They play all covers. Anyways, I brought the kids over there yesterday and was super intimidated, so I left with no desire to go back at all. Anyway, long story, I looked up guitar teachers tonight and left a message for one. So, I made an effort and stepped out of my comfort zone. I want to learn to play slide guitar... like this.


mariah said...

That's sweet Chels. I love that kind of guitar.

Karen said...

Chelsea, I think you have always been good about trying things. I admire that in you. I still remember how impressed I was when you picked up the guitar for the first time, found a teacher and went on to compose and even perform your tunes. You are amazing.