Friday, February 4, 2011

family pics with Liz...

I especially love the two shots with the sun coming through in the corner. Liz is becoming quite the photographer. We really appreciated having her take the time to do these for us!!! Wish Robby could have been in them...photoshop? That would be so funny to see his head pasted is the back of the group.
Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement too. It means a lot.
Here's some tunes I've been loving. Super chill. Positive vibe.

Last week I had my first guitar lesson in about 9 years. My teacher is insane. I am blown away by the way he plays. He lives and breathes music and his instrument is the guitar. He's soulful. I found him by the pier months ago. He was playing and I asked him if he gave lessons. I can't do it very often, so looking forward to our next meet up.

Robby and I have a date scheduled for tonight to celebrate his B-day. Fourty-deuce. His friend surprised him with a new surfboard!!! Seriously. A Robert August 9-0. I'll have to post pictures soon. She's a beauty. He is so loved. Then, tomorrow is Isaac's 2nd birthday. I think we might be camping out at San O all day, since I took the day off. Haven't totally decided yet, but a lot of fun in store.

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Karen said...

Love love love these. Love the people. Love YOU!