Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2011

Found this amazing photo on the Magic Bus blog to the right. The photographer's name is Sarah Lee (I'm sure you can Google her). I am so inspired by this to 1. get into the ocean and 2. learn how to use a real camera. I love the way she captured the textures of the water as this wave rolled by. I love it. One day, I want to really learn how to use a nice camera...I have a few goals ahead of this, but sometime in the future... I think the last time I surfed was a couple weeks ago. Just thinking about it makes me happy. I've been picky lately. It involves a lot more work to surf when you have the kids and packing everything. It's much more simple when it's just you. Instead, I've been enjoying exercizing outside. We've walked Monet to school most days this week. Then, I jog with Isaac back down to the beach and do lunges, walking push-ups. chair dips and leg lifts. I've been loving it. Sometimes, I don't get all my sets in because Isaac strays too far. But, we've managed to meet some super sweet dogs at dog beach and pick up lots of trash on our exercise adventures. I plan to buy my gym membership later today, courtesy of my co-worker who is escorting me to Costco since I don't have a membership and refuse to pay to be able to shop somewhere. They have the cheapest gym membership for 24 Hour Fitness. I've been missing my Body Pump class there. Other adventures on the horizon include signing Monet up for AYSO soccer next saturday and enrolling myself in an oil painting class through the city on Tuesday. I've been wanting to do that for a while and I've decided to take the plunge...I haven't opened my paint box since before I had Monet. Scary.

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