Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is my friend Jack surfing in Coast Rica. He's in his 60's. I love his silver hair. About 2 years ago my girlfriend Chris and I introduced him to a good friend of mine, Paulette. They've been dating ever since.

Yesterday I almost had a panic attack while watching Inception. Which is an outstanding movie. I loved it. There's not one moment of the movie that isn't suspenseful. The character build up is perfect and so is the acting. I had to stop it in the middle and pick-up in the morning. I think I was exhausted and had a little too much caffeine and not enough to eat. Which is not normal for me. I went to bed early and feel much better today. I did my first body pump class in months this morning. It was amazing. Sweat was dripping from my elbows as I was doing squats. The sun is out and this day couldn't be more beautiful. Hopefully, I'll be surfing tomorrow:)

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