Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Back row: Tatum, Kaiden, Juliana, Monet, Hannah and Lucy.
Bottom row: Petey, June, Gigi and Isaac

This is a little group of friends we had an Easter egg hunt with. We are so lucky to have such great friends so close. A lot of the kids at Monet's school are walking distance. We have a lot of park days. The kids had so much fun and one of the moms, Dani, brought these adorable Easter egg cookies. We asked her where she got them and we discovered a new bakery we had no idea had been just down the street. It's a little hole in the wall Italian bakery. My parents were in town and we ended up going there twice during their visit. This visit was mellow. I was feeling under the weather, so I didn't even surf. I did get a massage because it was only thing I could force myself to do. When my parents come to visit, it's one of the few times I get a break. That's one of the side affects of living in the best place on hearth; our family isn't here. Usually, I take every opportunity to surf and drag them around with me. But, I discovered Chinese massage places a long time ago. You get an hour massage for 25$. It's totally worth it. You're fully clothed and it's not private like a real massage, but it's still soooo good. It's so nice to watch Monet and Isaac bond with their grandparents too.

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Karen said...

Happy Easter! You make holidays better for us! I love the easter egg hunt park pictures!!!