Wednesday, June 29, 2011

camping and ballet

Camping was super fun. My friend Jen (pictured above) invited us to San Elijo months ago. We are friends through our surf mom group. We played at the beach, surfed all day in super warm water with fun waves (apparently it never gets blown out there because it's protected from the wind), bonfired, made pancakes for breakfast, chili for dinner, ate s'mores, played with puppies, rolled around in the dirt and sand and made tons of new friends. The stressful part was Monet got sick the very first day we arrived and didn't feel better until the day we came home. She had a fever and a sore throat. We filled her with children's motrin, so she would feel better until it wore off and the fever would return. I wanted to take her home, but Robby was totally against it. His argument was, why should we take her home so she can just lay on the couch; She can just lay in the tent. One of the moms in our group was a pediatrician and she said as long as she's not too uncomfortable, there was no need to take her home. I'm glad we stayed because it was so much fun. I can't wait to camp again...

Monet's ballet performance was last night. It was a struggle to keep her in hair and makeup (which was required just like the real ballerinas). The show was sooo cute and Monet did surprisingly well. Maybe we will continue with dance after all. Isaac was so excited to see her in stage. He kept yelling "Hi May!" That's what he calls her. As soon as the first batch of girls came on stage he said, "I dance." He really wanted to join them.

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