Saturday, August 13, 2011

San O Friday

I finally put the Go Pro attachment on my longboard Friday. We were at San O for a surfmom beach day. It was a perfect day. The waves were nice, the company good, the kids played all day. I feel like I'm home at San Onofre. It was fun to plug in the Go Pro and see what I had recorded. I got my friend Jen in some of the footage. She is one of the super cool moms we surf with. She's always up for an adventure and fun to surf with.
Towards the end the camera gets some fog in it. I put some natural/organic wax on my board and within the first 5 minutes it rubbed off. So, I slipped off my board on one of the waves...and I don't know why the video is blurry when I post it on's totally focused on my computer...oh well, it's still fun.

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