Saturday, August 27, 2011

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from Pearl Bee blog

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I have been sewing up a storm lately...not really, because I don't have time. But, I have been sneaking it in whenever possible..following Isaac around the block with a needle and thread, finishing an applique, or staying up late after I put the kids to bed. I made a little dress for Monet from a 70's pillowcase and a lost-and-found top. I'm working on a couple toddler backpacks made from discarded couch covers from IKEA. One's for Isaac and the other is for his buddy Noah who is having a pirate party next month. I'm going to post a tutorial for the backpacks only because I love reading other people's tutorials online and learning how to do something new. Right now, it's trial and error and so far they are easy and super cute. I'll post some pictures soon. Projects on the horizon: Rapunzel and batman Halloween costumes and a wedding quilt for a friend.

I have also been working on mastering the perfect pizza dough. This is not to be confused with a general "perfect pizza dough." Everyone's is different. Mine is exactly Grandma Mimi's pizza dough. I want it to be simple and have all the basic ingredients and taste amazing. No kitchen aids required. The latest recipe I tried was this one and it's almost perfect...The dough was a little sticky, but it tasted almost just right after it was baked. I added a lot more flour than suggested and I don't think I kneaded as long as I should have...but I'm still learning.

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