Saturday, March 24, 2012

pics and Charlie

Of course I have no idea where I got these beautiful pictures from online...

Got to hang out with Charlie yesterday. So lucky. He was in town for a job filming something. We went to eat at a place called the Gypsie Den, which I haven't been to in about 5 years. The crem brule is amazing creamy sweetness. He is such a good uncle. The kids were so excited to see him. We were chanting in the parking lot before he came down to the car-"Charlie, Charlie, Charlie." After dinner, the kids went with Robby to a birthday party, so Charlie and I got to go see the Hunger Games together. It's crazy how much we have in common and how similar we think. I also think we look the most alike of all the kids in our family. I really didn't spend that much time with Charlie growing up. I was always with frineds; either we had friends over, or we were at their house. But, I love the person Charlie has become. I love laughing with him and telling funny stories to eachother. Talking about religion and books and movies. I love my brother.

Disclaimer regarding the movie: I did not pick it. Nor do I think it is a good idea to promote a brutal, stressful, killing movie to a teenage audience. If you want to watch people getting killed, turn on the news. Or don't. I don't.

I have been addicted to pinterest lately. I just signed up and love it. We surfed Wednesday. It was so beautiful. The sun was out, the water was freezing like the melted ice water of Lake Tahoe. After we warmed up from the water, we got to lay out in our bikinis while the kids played. The rest of the week went by so fast as it always does these days with Monet in school. Isaac and I go to the gym. I do yoga and lift weights. Most days, we hit the park after Monet gets out. She's doing girlscouts and had a meet-up Wednesday. She loves all the patches and the activities. I watch one of her little friends, Layla, on Thursdays to help her single mom so she can work a little longer. We also made dinner for our friend's family that just had a sweet little baby boy. We made the best chicken-pot-pie and apple crisp ever. Of course we made a double batch for our family too. So, it's been a busy week. Those are just the fun highlights.

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