Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thanksgiving to December 2012


18 cousins (3 additional which were not there)
Ashley's wedding. 

Wow, what a whirlwind month or so.  We visited Robby's family for Thanksgiving this year.  It was absolutely amazing and a treat to see him with his family and to get to spend time with them.  He has 5 sisters from all over who each have a bunch of sweet kids.  His mom literally made an entire feast for everyone pretty much on her own.  She even had planned crafts for the kids each day.  Our kids were crying as we left and still ask about their cousins.  I was worried about the traffic, but we planned it perfectly and coasted there and back without hitting traffic.  I'm very happy we got to spend Thanksgiving with them.
Last week, I completed a 100 hour week intensive yoga teacher training at Core Power Yoga.  It was actually eight days.  I feel like I barely made it happen, so the whole experience was very emotional for me.  I kept tearing up in class, hoping no one would notice.  It was hard because I barely got to see Robby, Monet and Isaac during the training.  Then, worrying about which friend was going to pick the kids up from school and having the sitter be there.  It was worth the effort and the experience changed me forever.  It helped remind me how dear my friends and family are to me too.
Each day we had different senior yoga instructors lecture on subjects from the business of yoga to self awareness.  Anthony Chavez, who taught the self awareness course, was one of my favorites.  I thought going into this, I was just going in to learn how to teach yoga.  I didn't feel like I needed to get to know myself any better.  It was such a long journey for me to feel confident in my beliefs and to love myself.  I didn't possibly think I could do much more self actualization.  Anthony had us write some of our fears down, then get with a partner.  Mind you, we just had met each other a few days before.  One person would read the other their fears.  The listening partner could not say a word.  They were to look into their partner's eyes for a few minutes after they finished without acknowledging anything they said.  At the end, we realized how much love you can express to another person by just listening to them.  We all had the same fears!!  We were all supportive of each other and wanted the best for the other person.  It was amazing.  All of us were crying. 

Throughout the week, we learned a 60 minute yoga vinyasa flow.  We memorized breath, posture and cues for each pose and got to teach a group class the last day.  I am now doing their extensions program for five weeks where we meet a couple times a week to better our teaching skills.  Then, we audition for an internship for Core Power.  

We've put up the tree now and it is decorated.  I'm writing cards and can't wait for Christmas.  I might make some treats, but we'll see...not sure if I'll have time this year. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

October: She-ra, a Cat, Superman and Two Referees, Fun Surf, Billy turns 60, and Pa's Pumpkin Patch

If you couldn't already tell, my friend Chris was She-ra!  Awesome.  Isaac refused to wear the Batman costume I got him this year, insisting to be Superman from last year.  At the last minute, Monet put together a cat costume.  She looked so cute..Robby and I were referees...just like we are everyday. hahaha

One of my favorite people, Billy, turned 60.  My good friend, Chris, met Billy at a surf break she started hanging out at a few years back.  A bunch of old men surf there (and a few girls and young men).  Billy is one of them and they became fast friends.  He is a kid at heart.  He dropped out of high school his junior year.  One day, he was going to the liquor store and saw a bunch of people in line for something.  So naturally, he joined them.  Turned out they were all in line to join the electrician's union.  He did that until he retired a few years ago.  He's married to his high school sweetheart, Julie.  Isaac loooves him and has actually fallen asleep in his arms. I always make fun of Chris for surfing with these guys EVERY TIME she surfs when there are so many other breaks the surf is more desirable at.  But, she does it for the company and I can't blame her.  The old men are fun. 

October might be my favorite month in Southern California.  It's sunny, the water is usually warm and the beaches are quiet.  The water is so warm, we went out in our tops.  We had some super fun sessions at the pier this month.  The water has been really clean.  The kids have had a blast body surfing.

Love this picture of my girlfriend Ashley going out to surf.

I think Robby enjoyed his costume more than the kids.  He was blowing his whistle in my ear all night, yelling out calls.  I was feeling under the weather on Halloween. We've been fighting a little cold in our family.  I stuck to yoga at the gym and only surfed one day.  I'm trying to focus on yoga because I'm taking my teacher training in December.  I took an acupressure class a coupe weeks at the college.  It was amazing and I can't wait to learn more.  I looove holistic health.

Thanks to Groupon, we went to Pa's Pumpkin Patch and got to go on unlimited rides!  Monet loved the fast roller coaster and spinning rides and Isaac jumped in the bounce houses and huge slides.  Pumpkin Patches are magical. 

Other highlights from October include a visit from my cousin Renae.  She stayed with us over the weekend with her friend.  We had an afternoon surf session thanks to the 80 degree temps and the wind staying down. Our roommate, Amy moved out which is a bummer, but we found a new one: Jason.  Hope he's nice and stays a while.  I also found out, Isaac most likely qualifies for an extended Kindergarten program that starts mid next school year in which he can go to preschool full time for FREE!!!  Woo Hoo!  I see the light! :)
Oh, and Robby and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!  I feel so lucky and blessed to share my life with him and our little family.  It's not always easy, but we are a good team.  We are so different in a lot of ways, but we really do compliment each other.  It's so nice to be with someone who enjoys life the way you enjoy life.  Also, in the picture from our anniversary; Isaac started saying, "Mommy, me and May (Monet) have pink skin and Daddy has brown skin."  Hahah, I think he's right!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Around the Corner

Every year I get crafty at Christmas.  I usually start way ahead of time.  I was just looking at old pictures to get inspiration for this year.  I love gifts that are hand made.  Also, it works with a tight budget....I think I have it figured out.  Can't wait to start.

I was laying in bed last night, thinking of all the fun holidays and celebrations around the corner...

  • Halloween...thinking we'll do a Halloween party before trick-or-treating this year since it's on a Wednesday.
  • October 28th:  6th wedding anniversary!!..I already asked for the 29th off work so Robby and I can have the day off to surf, go out to eat, maybe play pool or go for a bike ride.
  • November 2nd:  Ashley and Adam's wedding.
  • November 24th:  My 34th Birthday!!  I bought a groupon for a facial and a massage and I need to get a babysitter for a date night.
  • November 22nd:  Thanksgiving...we'll probably have it at our house with friends..but, debating on going to Robby's family's house...
  • December 25th:  Christmas
So much to think about and so fun.  Love the holidays, but I want to soak up this warm weather while it lasts...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dream Surf at Blackies

Isaac, my buddy, headed home after a surf mama day Thursday.  Maria and Bailey.  Ashley had Finny and Declin.  Christina with Noah and Kira.  Karen and Colbi.
Isaac and Shane at the park.  These two are sooo cute together.  They will hang out on this bench or walk the path side by side and just talk like two old men.
  My Monet.
This week flew by.  After working my 3 day weekend, Tuesday I hit the gym hard.  So hard, my legs were hurting until Thursday.  I was craving some squats and a serious sweat session after sitting for three days strait.  The rest of the week consisted of sunshine and glassy surf conditions with 3-4 foot rollers at Blackies.  The water was so clear, it was like an aquarium.  A wave would roll through and through the back was like a liquid wall of glass.  I'd be on a wave, gliding down the face and you could see a school of fish swimming through the water.  Amazing.  This earth is so beautiful. 

It's crazy how life is such an ebb and flow.  Hard times, then good.  Last week had some moments of stress for sure and I think it made this week even more appreciated.  Robby did some work, okay a lot of work, he ended up not getting paid for.  I completely blame him because he chooses to put his "friends" above all else and he doesn't think about the consequences.  He's so generous and he doesn't think, "Maybe if I spend an entire week trying to help my friend with his complicated electrical problem that I have no idea how to fix just so he can save thousands of dollars, maybe he will pay me my small hourly rate, so I can pay MY bills."  He expects his friends to do the right thing, but they don't.  Then, I have to pay his bills with my 3 days a week of income.  I start getting resentful  because it's already hard to afford the basics and I feel like maybe my parents could at least offer to help in some way.  I imagine my mom calling and saying, " Hey Chelsea, since we only see you once a year, maybe we could give you some money for a babysitter so you and Robby can have some time alone."  But, that would require us to have a relationship.  And we kind of do.... a very long distance, disconnected one.  Robby did get paid this week, so everything is back to normal.

The rest of this week was spent with afternoons at the park or at home, making dinner, soccer practice, walking downtown for Tuesday night market and homework.  Monet had some melt downs in the evening.  She's still adjusting to the long days at school.  Poor girl.  I try to take her to the park after school so she can have some fun, but I think it's too much.  I need to spend some alone time with her.  She has a soccer game today and a sleepover planned.  She is so excited.  I hope she has fun. 
Friday was heaven.  After I dropped the kids at school, I headed over to Blackies since it was so good all week.  My best friend, Chris, had a furlough day at school.  Her and our buddy, Billy, met me there.  We were suiting up, just so excited like kids at Christmas.  We couldn't remember how long it had been since we surfed together without kids.  Maybe 8 plus years.  Billy and I caught a wave together and high fived each other while we were on it.  It was one of those days you always remember.   

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dance Moves & Bolsa Chica Superheroes

We were downtown at the street fair and a country band starts playing some fun covers.  Isaac looks at me and begs me, "Let's dance mom!!"
So, I take him out to dance and he starts doing these funny poses.  Then, he lies on the ground, crosses his arms behind his head and kicks his leg up right in front of the band.  Love this kid.

I've been surfing alone on my two off days when Isaac has preschool.  But, I was missing my surf mom friends, so we ended up going to Bolsa with them last week.  The waves were 4ft+.  Some were smaller, but it was super high tide and Bolsa does not take a high tide well.  You're in the line up and there's so much water pushing the waves in, but then it pushes them back out.  You can be on a wave and the back wash is so huge, you get tossed off your board.  So, when it was my turn to surf, I waited for the tide to go down.  I caught 3 amazing, fun, racy waves.  Before I went out, the boys asked me to tie their towels on like capes.  I thought that was a fabulous idea.

A couple days ago, Robby and I watched the documentary "Marley."  About the life of Bob Marley.  It was amazing.   I've always loved him, but it made me love him even more.  I love the message of his music.  He was a poet who lived and breathed music.  He wasn't perfect.  He wasn't there for his kids.  But what an amazing life.  It is truly inspiring to see him on stage singing with such passion and the way he lived without fear.  To create something so beautiful.  In the end, we all know what happens; he dies young.  A legend.  I hope I run into him in the next life. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do What You Love

found HERE

This past week was magical.  A little too busy at times.  But, there were some amazing moments in the water and on land.  The surf was glassy and the waves were clean.  The kids boogie boarding until their little bodies were sore and rashed.  Spending time at home, relaxing.  Then to soccer where Isaac jogged back and forth on the court, following the herd.  I'm pretty sure he has no clue he's supposed to be chasing the ball.  We played with our friends at their pool and sipped on drinks and laughed.  We danced and laughed again watching a movie at the discount theater by our house.  Summer will officially be over in our book when school starts on Wednesday. 

I have plans almost cemented for yoga teacher training.  Things take so long to just get started when you're a working mom. I tend to lose steam and forget why I was even starting something new in the first place.  I need to remember the feelings I had when I first wanted to make this change.  I come from a long line of practicals...and I am one.  Doing something like teaching yoga and entering a field that is somewhat entrepreneur-ish is completely out of my comfort zone.  I'm dreaming of something along the lines of holistic health that encompasses everything: personal trainer, nutritionist, massage therapy, spirituality...and yoga is the first step. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little surf and shunshine....and a rainbow!!!

Such a fun day at the beach... Then, skipped yoga and decided to walk downtown with a friend.  Looks like I made the right choice: double rainbow on the way home!!

P.S. When Monet saw the rainbow, she said with excitement, "I can't wait to tell Logan."  Hehe, she love her cousin.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still on the Surf Train and rambling about marriage...

 Today we went to RJs aka River Jettys.  One of my least favorite surf destination...actually I've never surfed there.  Never wanted to.  Especially after a friend of mine told me he ran into a shopping cart while catching a wave in the jetty.  Looks racy and dumpy.  I prefer slow and long.  Anyway, Monet asked me to push her into some waves again and she stood up!!  It's so fun because she gets so excited.  It was a super good time with some of my favorite people and loved seeing the kids in complete bliss riding waves on their bellies, chasing each other around.
 Just finished this little beauty for a friend of mine who is getting married.  It's a beach/picnic blanket.  I am a bridesmaid in the wedding and Monet is the flower girl.  It will all be going down this Friday.  Should be fun.  And, I should be crying.  I am already getting teary eyed just thinking about it.  I think it's amazing when two people find each other and it just works.  You can tell when it's right and the universe feels good around you.  You make this commitment to love each other and I feel like because you put that out there, you get that back.  Two people that are not doing it for any reason other than that.  I don't think it makes a difference if it's a legal ceremony or one in a church or one that isn't recognized by law.  I don't believe in that.  You make a commitment to love, you get love back.  In my opinion, if you do it for other reasons, it's different...or you're too young and you don't know yourself.  My girlfriend is not the type of person whose main goal in life was to get married.  In fact, I'm sure it took her a long time to even consider it.
 This is Isaac contemplating the marry or not to marry...hhmmm.  Monet had become preoccupied with marriage around last year.  She would ask me if I thought she would get married or say she was going to "marry daddy."  I try to plant the seed of, "You don't have to get married to be successful.  Not everyone gets married."  I personally avoided it for a long time.  Around 25, I accepted the fact that that wasn't a lifestyle I really wanted.  I had Monet and that changed everything obviously.  Everything slowed down and she was my priority in life...that and survival.  It was not easy.  I dated a little, but when Robby and I started dating, it was so obvious and easy.  We had instant chemistry and I didn't freak out at the thought of being married to him.  That was a first.  I felt calm and comfortable about it.  The day we got married is a different story.  But, that's for another day.

My new favorite family picture.  I love these two so much.  They do drive me crazy, but I love them.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summertime Surf Mama Style

Do these kids look happy or what?!  We owned that donut shop!  Ha ha, more like everyone cleared out as soon as the tiny shop was taken over by screaming, jumping children all salivating for sugar, screaming, "Donuts, Donuts, Donuts!!"

Ever since Monet turned 7 and got her ears pierced, she has been extra brave.  This is the first time ever that she has let me push her into waves.  She must have caught 25 waves and was begging for more.  Of course, we were at Blackies and the waves were perfect for this and the water was warm.   

Some of the Surf Mamas and some new faces too.  We got to Bolsa and just as I had suspected, the waves were huge...for me that is.  They were actually about head high and a little racy.  When the sun came out, under peer pressure, I paddled out and caught one super fun left that was long and speedy.  Then, I got wimpy again and paddles back in. 

Emerson, Avery, Eden, Monet, Danica and Bailey.  Danica, the oldest one, loves surfing and will paddle out on her foam board into the biggest sets.  She has no fear and stays out for hours.  She also loves yoga and had all the girls on their towels, teaching them yoga moves. 

Isaac here with his best buds, Declin and Tyler.  Cute little Colbi too.

More recap of our week...started on a quilt for my girlfriend's wedding.  Using some beautiful Hawaiian fabric and vintage floral fabric I scored from Goodwill.  Surfed super small waves at Blackies, but got to see the ripples on the bottom of the ocean because the water was so clear.  Monet got her ears pierced.  Of course, she chose the hugest looking diamonds.  Sweat bullets and balanced my mind and body in some vinyasa flow yoga.  Loving the sunshine and summertime.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

surf love

I loved reading these too.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Found this beautiful little blog where this is from...Got back from our overnighter in Catalina Friday.  It was such a relaxing vacation.  Just two days was plenty.  We explored the island's coast and took a tour of the famous "casino."  I love art deco and it was disgned to stun.  Beautiful detail and amazing architecture.  We stuffed ourselves and layed on the beach, snorkled.  It's crazy how clear the water is just a few miles away.  Saturday, Monet came with me to a yoga class I'd been wanting to try for a while.  They close off 5th street and do yoga on the street every Saturday for free.  I always miss it because I work, but I took off this past Saturday because the parents are in town.  And, because of the US Surf Open, they moved it to the Shorline Hotel patio.  It was just what I needed and Monet did pretty good too.  Robby skated down with Isaac and they cheered us on.