Friday, January 27, 2012

surf mama family and other things...

Everything is a jungle gym to Monet. She loves playing on the monkey bars at the park.
Chris and the sunset.

Monet and her little friend, Layla.

One of Isaac's one-eyed grins. P.S.-I'm loving the colored wax on my board. It smells like grape bubble gum and works really well. I was sharing my board with some of the girls who are just learning. It got a huge gash on the rail...I didn't say anything because I didn't want my friend to feel bad, but decided they should probably be using a more junk board or a foam board while learning.

All week, I've been eating this amazing spicy, yellow curry chicken soup I made. I love it and found out it loves me too after discovering this perfectly heart shaped potato in it.

If anyone wants to make it, here's what I did:

Saute small onion and garlic in some olive oil until soft

add cubed chicken & cook until brown

add 1 can coconut milk

add 2 cans worth chicken stock/broth(more or less depending on how thick you want your soup)
(I didn't add any water. I wanted it to be thick)

Add spices to taste(I used 2Tbs of yellow curry, 1tsp chili powder, couple shakes of Turmeric, salt and pepper

add all chopped vegetable and potatoes or rice (whatever you like in your soup. I used carrots, celery and potatoes)

bring to boil, then turn on low to simmer for an hour or less..

My friend Jen (with the wetsuit on the left) snagged her camera just in time for a quick shot of all the surf mamas at Blackies this past week. Love this group. Everyone is so fun and down to earth. It's been super nice and hot lately. Not typical for January, so we are enjoying it. All of us were dying to get together since it had been stormy the week before and it seemed like half of us had colds or at least our kids did.
This is the view of central park from the 3rd story of the funnest slide/jungle gym look-out ever. What a beautiful day. We went here after Monet had been sick last week. We've been pretty healthy this winter. I wonder what a winter without any colds or flues would be like though...I wonder if there's a magical vitamin or mineral that would keep my kids healthy all year long. I managed to be the only one if our family to fight this round of sickies. I feel like I can possibly contribute this to yoga and working. I don't know. I also take probiotics and vitamin C daily with my kids. I use essential oils on all of us too when I think our immune systems are struggling.

In other family news, Isaac has been potty training successfully. I wanted to give up after the 3rd day of him pooping and peeing in his underwear. But, after some encouragement to at least try for a week; he is pretty much potty trained! I do have him in a pull-up most of the time especially when we go to the gym. But, he'll run up to me and say "the pee pee's coming out!!" He is so sweet and so cute and so funny. Getting him to poop in the toilet was a little harder. On one of the first occasions, Robby had sent me a text one night. I think I was out with Monet. Robby said Isaac sat on the toilet for twenty minutes and ate about 20 pieces of candy and finally went poop in the toilet. We were laughing so hard because we had been bribing him with candy.

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