Sunday, February 26, 2012

whish list

Every year around tax season I start imagining what I could spend my return on...I always end up using it to pay off my credit card...(or I sign it over to the dentist like I did three years ago).

A girl can dream right?....aaahhh


kitchen aid mixer in orange


Martin acoustic guitar
(This one's been on the list for a few years now...)

polaroid PoGo portable printer with self adhesive pictures
$50 (including photo paper)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not a romantic holiday for me. It's a day to celebrate love and hearts and telling others you care for them...I try to do that every day, but I do love Valentine's Day for that reason. Plus, I love making all things crafty. Lately I have been obsessed with making decorative sugar cookies. I have an amazing cookie recipe, but wasn't loving the royal icing recipe it came with. It tasted good, but would turn dull and matte after it dried. A friend of mine told me she used meringue butter cream on hers. This was my first try and I loved it. I can't wait to give these to our friends today. I just use zip lock bags for the decorative frosting and cut a little, tiny piece off the corner to squeeze the frosting out. I use a squeeze bottle to fill-in with the frosting thinned out a little.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday Round-Up

I made these little car cookie pops. They are time consuming.., but they are so cute and they taste really good too.

All of my favorite boys' birthdays are within one week of each other!! Robby, Isaac and my dad.

Robby's birthday decorations.

These were the "goonie bags" as Monet calls them. I used a cookie cutter here as the stencil for the red car. I also found all the Cars pez dispensers and sticker books at Goodwill for a quarter each. Score!! Our Goodwill gets a lot of stuff from Target that didn't sell.

Bowling on Robby's birthday. So much fun. Monet wants to go bowling on her birthday now. My first ball was a strike. Robby said he was worried he might have had to step up his game after that, but it was beginner's luck. Monet almost beat me.

Isaac's cupcakes. These turned out really good. Trying to spend as little as possible, I only invited a few of Isaac's closest buddies and I used a coupon for Frogg's Bounce House. Afterwords, we walked over to Burger King for dinner and cupcakes. On the way home, one of his little friends said, "That was the best party!" The kids were so cute and had so much fun. I had fun too. I love bouncing on the bounce houses and flying down the super steep slides. I didn't get any picture of the actual party because I still don't have a camera...and my phone camera is horrible, as you can see. But, when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Isaac, you could see the pure delight in his face. It was so sweet.

I love making those little banners for special occasions. I sent one to my dad for his birthday with some nuts and pictures. After all the running around and birthday prep and celebrating, the house is a disaster and stuffed to the brim with clutter. Whenever I get into a craft or a project, the house work piles up. I can't wait to de-clutter and clean now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Robby turns 43!!

Isaac and I came home from the beach to find Robby and his best bud out for a little birthday surf. The sun was out and the waves were rolling in perfectly. After he finished work, we went out to dinner and then went bowling. I made him an angel food cake with strawberries. What an awesome birthday. Robby was opening his presents and Monet says, "We should get him bacon!" Ha ha. He's been making bacon everyday so this huge pack we got didn't go bad. She's so funny.
At the park. Our other home away from home.
Isaac hiding Robby during a nap.