Sunday, April 8, 2012


(The pink wasn't quite hot enough, hence the spotting. The green/orange tie-dye looking one was originally orange, then I added some oil to the green before re-dying.)

I found these neon dyes at the grocery store. So, we decided to try out a double colored tip from Martha Stewart. They turned out super pretty. After seeing some other fancy eggs, wish I had added some glitter. Of course these eggs barely got dyed themselves. The day was coming to an end, we had been to school and the gym, the park and the dentist. But, we mustered up all the energy we could and started channeling Martha Stewart, tying on aprons just like a super hero ties on his cape.

The rubber band, double color technique.

A beautiful cracked design by accident.

On a different day...
Shadow art at dusk

Yeah! Chuck!! Chuck found us making shadow art on the wall at the beach.

See, I really am here. Monitoring business.

Some of Monet's most favorite buddies: Layla and Emerson.