Sunday, June 24, 2012

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

June in Huntington Beach

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Monet.  I will work over the weekend and we leave for Sacramento Monday.  I am super nervous about the trip with the kids.  I seem to get more anxiety when I drive as I get older.  I spend so little time on the freeway now, I'm just not used to it.  I'm going to be super prepared though and bring lots of things to do.  We've been so busy this month.  Just working three days a week and the other four are packed with going to the gym or the beach with Isaac and the surf mamas, then getting Monet and going to the park, running the random errands, making dinner...Robby and I actually got to surf together Wednesday.  We surfed South Side of the pier.  It was perfect and fun. Chest to shoulder high waves, easy to catch with long rides.  Everyone caught waves and the sun came out.  These are some pictures from the month-o-fun: June.  
 Before our group date a couple weeks ago, I could not tell you the last time I played pool.  Actually, I can.  It was the night before Robby and I got married.  We all went out to celebrate before the big day...I looove playing pool.  I think it's so much fun and sometimes, I get lucky and am really good.  It never lasts long, but I can hit three balls in, in a row.  It could be that mathematical side of my brain with all the angles.
 Fun day Friday at our friend Maria's house.  We are so lucky to have each other. We love our friends.
 End of school pool party for Kindergartners. Caleb, Penelope, Kaia, Emerson, Monet and Layla.
 End of school picnic.
 Pool party.  I love these girls.  Ashley, Ashley, Corrina and me.
 One of my favorite shots of Isaac.  He is so cute with his thick little hands and his freckles and hazel eyes.  Isaac pooped out his penny finally.  Robby found it at the bottom of the toilet.  Who knows how long it had been there, but it was very shiny and polished.
 We couldn't afford another date night.  Babysitters + going out= $$$.  So, we invited everyone over for a bonfire/pot-luck instead.  It was so fun.
Danica, Tyler, Emerson, Monet, Timmy and Tyler

 Guess who's excited to be sitting next to his best bud, Decklin?
 Tuesday night street fair.  The Bubble Man.  Who is creepy and entertaining.
 There was an awesome ska band playing.  The kids were dancing and the wild boys were moshing.

And...Happy Father's Day to Robby.  He is such an amazing dad.  I feel so lucky I get to be with him and we get to be with these amazing, beautiful kids as they grow up.  He hung out with Isaac while he rode his bike all the way downtown and back.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Few Days of May..

 We were at the beach literally all day yesterday.  Super fun surf session in the morning.  I wasn't even going to go because it didn't look that great.  Robby ditched work and we got to surf together.  The water was warm.  We paused to pick up the older kids from school and headed strait back out.  So fun.

 From our bike ride home after Tuesday night market where Isaac ate a penny:(
 So weird.  A shark decided to hang out on the sand...that almost never happens.
Posing for a Father's Day project.  I'm super prepared this year.  Love it when that happens.  I got Robby tickets to see the Dodgers.  He is obsessed with baseball.  I feel exactly the opposite about the sport, but thought he would be super stoked.  It's killing me not to tell him.  He would never guess because we never do things like that.  I think I'm feeling adventurous after planning our trip to Catalina.