Monday, July 30, 2012


Found this beautiful little blog where this is from...Got back from our overnighter in Catalina Friday.  It was such a relaxing vacation.  Just two days was plenty.  We explored the island's coast and took a tour of the famous "casino."  I love art deco and it was disgned to stun.  Beautiful detail and amazing architecture.  We stuffed ourselves and layed on the beach, snorkled.  It's crazy how clear the water is just a few miles away.  Saturday, Monet came with me to a yoga class I'd been wanting to try for a while.  They close off 5th street and do yoga on the street every Saturday for free.  I always miss it because I work, but I took off this past Saturday because the parents are in town.  And, because of the US Surf Open, they moved it to the Shorline Hotel patio.  It was just what I needed and Monet did pretty good too.  Robby skated down with Isaac and they cheered us on. 

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