Sunday, July 1, 2012

Road Trip

 We had just arrived and my brain has a hard time adjusting after driving so long.  We walked over to Liz's house for dinner.  I asked to get a ride back from her because it was getting colder out and I was exausted, but my dad talked us into walking.  I told him that was fine as long as it wasn't a long walk.  He assured me it wasn't too long.  An hour into it, we realized it was a trick...He's so sneeky.  Charlie ended up rescuing us and picked us up on the main road.  My mom was already waiting for me in the front seet as I reached the top of the hill.  Charlie said he too has been tricked a couple times by  my dad and his short walk promises.

 We got to feed a giraffe!  One of my favorite animals.  They are so beautiful.  I always have mixed feelings about the zoo with all it's trapped animals.  I hate to enjoy it because I feel like it's so wrong.  It would be fine if they were injured animals that otherwise would not be safe out in the wild.  After the zoo, Fairytail  Town and Funderland, we had planned to go to Mimi's house to visit.  All of the adults were exausted.  Liz was heading back home to put Sienna down for a nap and Logan asked if he could come with us.  My dad said yes and then Brodie asked too.  I thought that would be fine because it would be me, my dad and my mom with the 4 kids.  As soon as my dad agrees, my mom asks Liz if she can get a ride home with her.  I see my mom once a year for less than one week.  Instead of hanging out with us, she's going back home by herself and get a little R&R.  Don't worry, no one objected to us taking all four wild kids for the rest of the night.  Time it took for Grandma Char to peace out and for me to get annoyed on our road trip: 24 hours.  My dad told me he chooses to watch the kids daily because he likes to spend time with them and I do too.  It was a little crazy, but it was good. 

This picture says it all.  The excitement and fun of visiting our cousins.  This is thier first embrace as we walked into the house...or, should I say Hunt Manor.  We wish we could take them home with us....Little Sienna's laugh, Isaac and her pretending together,  Isaac saying Brodie is his best friend, Monet and Logan constantly laughing and jumping around.  They really love eachother.

Some highlights from our trip I would like to remember :
*Exploring at Grandma Mimi's house, eating delicious figs from her fig tree, being around Karen (just being around her makes me feel good), playing Rumikub with Mimi and my dad way later than my brain usually works.
*Coasting on the Americal River with my dad and the kids, the mossy bottom and rocks of the river bed.  Grandpa Rolands metal canoe.  The huge rock and dirt wall that raps around Negro Bar.
*Watching the Folsom Rodeo parade from a terrace overlooking old Folsom.  The strong horses and steer.  I think in another lifetime, I want to live on a ranch or farm with horses and cattle.
*Visiting Juli and her family and catching up with Renae. 
*Laughing with Uncle Charlie and eating Mediteranian Food at the Karma Cafe with Liz and the kids.
*Spending time with Liz over dinner and the kids playing outside at her house.
*Feeding a giraffe.  A roller coaster ride with two screaming babies.  Is it wrong that I was laughing so hard, I was crying?
*Spending time with Grandma Carol and Grandma Char spoiling the grandbabies as usual.

Although each time I visit Folsom, part of it is always traumatizing and part of it is sweet.  I am so glad we went and I am so glad we are back home:)

We got home, walked down to the beach.  Detoxed from the drive with a short surf with my best bud, Chris.  The water felt amazing. 


sienna said...

sounds like it was fun. your dad is so great with kids! and Bo had so much fun with Sienna Rose too, it was super cute to watch them together. i know how you feel though, every time my whole family gets together, it always so fun for the kids, kind of stressful for the adults, kind of a relief when its over, and so worth it in the end. my mom always goes for a detox swim in the ocean when she gets back from driving to town. getting in the water is such good therapy.

Karen said...

i love seeing and hearing about your week. i am so glad to worked out that we were a part of cousins' camp 2012! and you are home safe and sound!

Jesse, Devon and Aida said...

So glad you had a nice trip! I feel the same about visiting my parents although it takes less than 24 hrs for me to want to kill my dad...more like 10 mins!! I love your family...just reading this made me think of so many happy childhood memories with the Hunt family:)