Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summertime Surf Mama Style

Do these kids look happy or what?!  We owned that donut shop!  Ha ha, more like everyone cleared out as soon as the tiny shop was taken over by screaming, jumping children all salivating for sugar, screaming, "Donuts, Donuts, Donuts!!"

Ever since Monet turned 7 and got her ears pierced, she has been extra brave.  This is the first time ever that she has let me push her into waves.  She must have caught 25 waves and was begging for more.  Of course, we were at Blackies and the waves were perfect for this and the water was warm.   

Some of the Surf Mamas and some new faces too.  We got to Bolsa and just as I had suspected, the waves were huge...for me that is.  They were actually about head high and a little racy.  When the sun came out, under peer pressure, I paddled out and caught one super fun left that was long and speedy.  Then, I got wimpy again and paddles back in. 

Emerson, Avery, Eden, Monet, Danica and Bailey.  Danica, the oldest one, loves surfing and will paddle out on her foam board into the biggest sets.  She has no fear and stays out for hours.  She also loves yoga and had all the girls on their towels, teaching them yoga moves. 

Isaac here with his best buds, Declin and Tyler.  Cute little Colbi too.

More recap of our week...started on a quilt for my girlfriend's wedding.  Using some beautiful Hawaiian fabric and vintage floral fabric I scored from Goodwill.  Surfed super small waves at Blackies, but got to see the ripples on the bottom of the ocean because the water was so clear.  Monet got her ears pierced.  Of course, she chose the hugest looking diamonds.  Sweat bullets and balanced my mind and body in some vinyasa flow yoga.  Loving the sunshine and summertime.

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