Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dance Moves & Bolsa Chica Superheroes

We were downtown at the street fair and a country band starts playing some fun covers.  Isaac looks at me and begs me, "Let's dance mom!!"
So, I take him out to dance and he starts doing these funny poses.  Then, he lies on the ground, crosses his arms behind his head and kicks his leg up right in front of the band.  Love this kid.

I've been surfing alone on my two off days when Isaac has preschool.  But, I was missing my surf mom friends, so we ended up going to Bolsa with them last week.  The waves were 4ft+.  Some were smaller, but it was super high tide and Bolsa does not take a high tide well.  You're in the line up and there's so much water pushing the waves in, but then it pushes them back out.  You can be on a wave and the back wash is so huge, you get tossed off your board.  So, when it was my turn to surf, I waited for the tide to go down.  I caught 3 amazing, fun, racy waves.  Before I went out, the boys asked me to tie their towels on like capes.  I thought that was a fabulous idea.

A couple days ago, Robby and I watched the documentary "Marley."  About the life of Bob Marley.  It was amazing.   I've always loved him, but it made me love him even more.  I love the message of his music.  He was a poet who lived and breathed music.  He wasn't perfect.  He wasn't there for his kids.  But what an amazing life.  It is truly inspiring to see him on stage singing with such passion and the way he lived without fear.  To create something so beautiful.  In the end, we all know what happens; he dies young.  A legend.  I hope I run into him in the next life. 

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