Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do What You Love

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This past week was magical.  A little too busy at times.  But, there were some amazing moments in the water and on land.  The surf was glassy and the waves were clean.  The kids boogie boarding until their little bodies were sore and rashed.  Spending time at home, relaxing.  Then to soccer where Isaac jogged back and forth on the court, following the herd.  I'm pretty sure he has no clue he's supposed to be chasing the ball.  We played with our friends at their pool and sipped on drinks and laughed.  We danced and laughed again watching a movie at the discount theater by our house.  Summer will officially be over in our book when school starts on Wednesday. 

I have plans almost cemented for yoga teacher training.  Things take so long to just get started when you're a working mom. I tend to lose steam and forget why I was even starting something new in the first place.  I need to remember the feelings I had when I first wanted to make this change.  I come from a long line of practicals...and I am one.  Doing something like teaching yoga and entering a field that is somewhat entrepreneur-ish is completely out of my comfort zone.  I'm dreaming of something along the lines of holistic health that encompasses everything: personal trainer, nutritionist, massage therapy, spirituality...and yoga is the first step. 

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