Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thanksgiving to December 2012


18 cousins (3 additional which were not there)
Ashley's wedding. 

Wow, what a whirlwind month or so.  We visited Robby's family for Thanksgiving this year.  It was absolutely amazing and a treat to see him with his family and to get to spend time with them.  He has 5 sisters from all over who each have a bunch of sweet kids.  His mom literally made an entire feast for everyone pretty much on her own.  She even had planned crafts for the kids each day.  Our kids were crying as we left and still ask about their cousins.  I was worried about the traffic, but we planned it perfectly and coasted there and back without hitting traffic.  I'm very happy we got to spend Thanksgiving with them.
Last week, I completed a 100 hour week intensive yoga teacher training at Core Power Yoga.  It was actually eight days.  I feel like I barely made it happen, so the whole experience was very emotional for me.  I kept tearing up in class, hoping no one would notice.  It was hard because I barely got to see Robby, Monet and Isaac during the training.  Then, worrying about which friend was going to pick the kids up from school and having the sitter be there.  It was worth the effort and the experience changed me forever.  It helped remind me how dear my friends and family are to me too.
Each day we had different senior yoga instructors lecture on subjects from the business of yoga to self awareness.  Anthony Chavez, who taught the self awareness course, was one of my favorites.  I thought going into this, I was just going in to learn how to teach yoga.  I didn't feel like I needed to get to know myself any better.  It was such a long journey for me to feel confident in my beliefs and to love myself.  I didn't possibly think I could do much more self actualization.  Anthony had us write some of our fears down, then get with a partner.  Mind you, we just had met each other a few days before.  One person would read the other their fears.  The listening partner could not say a word.  They were to look into their partner's eyes for a few minutes after they finished without acknowledging anything they said.  At the end, we realized how much love you can express to another person by just listening to them.  We all had the same fears!!  We were all supportive of each other and wanted the best for the other person.  It was amazing.  All of us were crying. 

Throughout the week, we learned a 60 minute yoga vinyasa flow.  We memorized breath, posture and cues for each pose and got to teach a group class the last day.  I am now doing their extensions program for five weeks where we meet a couple times a week to better our teaching skills.  Then, we audition for an internship for Core Power.  

We've put up the tree now and it is decorated.  I'm writing cards and can't wait for Christmas.  I might make some treats, but we'll see...not sure if I'll have time this year. 

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