Monday, March 25, 2013

Camper Vans, Puppies and Swim Team

dreaming of these lately...We considered getting an Australian Shepherd recently.  But, decided it needed to wait.  I hope we didn't miss our window of golden opportunity.  I was browsing a dog rescue website and found just down the street from us a box of seven pups had been dropped at the Petsmart.  There were a couple left and this one melted my heart.  Due to a couple reasons, we decided to wait a while though.

 The camera I've been looking at, I decided to get with my tax money.  However, I still haven't gotten it.  Too busy.
The camper vans I look at occasionally.  Whenever I see one I feel like I should be driving one.  They are so awesome.  Why can't VW make a Westfalia that is completely solar powered?  That would be my dream car.

Liz took these when we met up at Avila Beach.  I used them for a business card I was working on for yoga.  It's a start.  We had so much fun on our short trip up north, even though I did have the flu when we were there.  My favorite parts of the trip were sitting in the hot springs mineral pool, watching the kids slide down the slides at the RV park and walking around San Luis Obispo.  The view of the ocean framed by the rocky green  cliffs was breath taking.  What a relaxing place.   

 I'm almost done with my hot yoga teacher training.  I got pretty burnt out after last week. We have to take five classes per week and observe six classes total.  Of course I crammed too much in too soon.  So, I surfed Friday and Saturday.  Saturday was one of those days I'll never forget.  Typically, I work, but I had the afternoon off because of the yoga training.   The whole family and friends met up at Blackies.  The waves were perfect, smooth and peaky.  Robby and I caught a nice shoulder high plus left together.  He was already on it, but he cut back so I could drop in.  All the kids played on the beach and Robby and I and our friends got to surf for a couple hours.

Monet's first day of swim team stroke practice was today.  I might be more excited than she is.  I have so many good memories of being on the swim team.  It took me two years of begging my mom to be on it.  We practiced for two hours sometimes twice a day.

This week should be interesting.  My parents and sister, Mariah, will be here from Tues-Thurs.  Then, Robby's sister, niece and her two friends will be here Wed-Sunday.  It's their Spring break.  Ours is the following week.  Maybe we'll sneak in a date night since we'll have babysitters...  

Monday, March 4, 2013