Saturday, May 18, 2013

Apt Found

found here

We have secured an apt, or so we've been told.  It's not ideal at all, but its in Monet's school district and is within our parameters of how far we want to live from the beach.  I know it sounds stupid.  Why do you have to live by the beach in a small, crappy, expensive apartment??  Our rent is more than my sister's mortgage payment on a three bedroom double garage home!!  Because everything is good at the beach.  You put your toes in the sand, watch the waves wash up on the shore...back and forth.  The fresh air.  The sunshine.  It's peacefulness is worth more than any amount of money.  
We haven't signed for the apt yet, the property manager has only told me we have it and he's drafting the lease.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  I just can't wait to get out of our current situation and have our own place.  Robby and I are both stressed to the max.   

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May; The Month of the Apt Search

It's been a while.  Keeping it real, life for our family has been so busy and stressful for me at the moment.  Everyday, I try to take time for myself and enjoy the moments that are peaceful.  We are moving June 1st...actually we are packing.  We don't even have a place to move into. That is why I am stressed.  We have a horrible roommate situation right now.  So, Robby and I decided we are done living with roommates because we don't want there to be a chance of this happening again.  We have lived in the same house for four years.  We've had great roommates until now.  It's a huge house.  It's really hard to keep clean.  It's also dated and our landlord/friend doesn't put any money into it to keep it up.  A lot of the furniture in it is his, which I've never liked.  So, I was happy to finally get Robby's support in moving.  However, there is NOTHING available!!  I am freaking out.  Every time we find something, it's already taken.  Places are going on the market for literally one day and then they are rented.  We found the perfect dream apt on 17th street with an ocean view under our budget and by the time I turned our apps in that same day, it had already been promised to someone.  I'm trying to stay positive.  To stay sane, I've been going to the gym or running outside everyday.  I take the kids to swim lessons and look for rentals.  Then, today I was leaving for work and Monet complained of not feeling good.  She has a fever and sinus infection symptoms...again!!!  Always on the weekend.  Always.  Hopefully it will go away on it's own.  Last time, I avoided the doctor and tried to let her body heal itself and it turned into an ear infection, bronchitis and early signs of pneumonia.  So, I will be going to the doctor if it isn't gone in three days or less.  Other than that, life is good.  I still have my job.  Work has been going really well for Robby.  Summer is slowly creeping in.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have such good friends who support me with positive energy.   

Isaac rode his bike all the way to swim lessons.  He had a permi-grin on his face the entire time. 
The surf has been less than ideal for the past couple weeks.  Notice all the surf mamas and babies and the lack of boards.  It was a beautiful day though and always good company.
The kids finally filled up their chore/obedience charts; Good for them, bad for my bank account.  Isaac got a remote control motorcycle and Monet got a toy puppy that barks and walks.  Poor girl, she wants a dog so badly.  We kind of do too, but now that we're moving her chances are slim.

Swimming galore.  Isaac's lessons are at the City Gym and Monet practices everyday with her swim team.  I love this little dude.  I would love it even more if he didn't scream everything he says.  He screams if he's excited and he screams if he's mad. 

We've been spending a lot of time with our friends.  Here is Isaac with Finley Harper, Ashley (just after getting her tattoo filled in) and Sophia.  So many sweet babies.

One of the many apartments we've looked at.  This is a dream place.  We have some must-haves on the list.  This one has a shared garage which now I'm regretting not offering to pay more for the entire garage and of course it's no longer sad.  Our must-haves are two bedrooms, an enclosed garage for Robby's tools, an actual place for a dining table and close to the beach.  So little, yet so hard to find. Sigh. 
And one of myself.  Since I am usually the ghost writer.  Here's a "selfie."  Taken today.  And, yes those are neon yellow pants and I love them.  Our Goodwill gets a lot of stuff that doesn't sell from Target.  I had been lusting after these after seeing them at Target, but they were way too much.  I found these and a fuchsia pair at Goodwill for like 7$ each.  Brand new!!

On a side note...I am obsessed with (healthy) body transformations.  They are so motivating.  I love health and fitness and to hear how other people change their lives for the better always motivates me.  They put new ones up once a week.  I love this guy's story.  Look how stoked he is to be fit!!  Awesome.
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