Saturday, May 18, 2013

Apt Found

found here

We have secured an apt, or so we've been told.  It's not ideal at all, but its in Monet's school district and is within our parameters of how far we want to live from the beach.  I know it sounds stupid.  Why do you have to live by the beach in a small, crappy, expensive apartment??  Our rent is more than my sister's mortgage payment on a three bedroom double garage home!!  Because everything is good at the beach.  You put your toes in the sand, watch the waves wash up on the shore...back and forth.  The fresh air.  The sunshine.  It's peacefulness is worth more than any amount of money.  
We haven't signed for the apt yet, the property manager has only told me we have it and he's drafting the lease.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  I just can't wait to get out of our current situation and have our own place.  Robby and I are both stressed to the max.   

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