Saturday, August 31, 2013

Surf, surfy, surf

Every once in a while the stars align and we have a beautiful surf day where tons of surf mamas get together and play on the beach and catch waves.  Yesterday was one of those days.  This is not even everyone.  Some of the moms were surfing.  The waves were glassy, big and fast and the water was warm.  What a great last full week of summer.  I'm so glad Maria brought her camera.  Some of these ladies have been surfing for only a couple years and they are catching head high, even bigger waves.  I am so proud of them.
We went to San O Wednesday night for bonfire/surf.  Last night, we watched a movie on the sand at the Newport Bay Dunes.  This summer has been great, but I am getting more excited for school to start too now.  I just remember missing Monet last year because I work all weekend, then during the week she is at school.  I'm trying to soak it all in now.  Also, my job has been on the fritz for a while as our hospital has been officially bought by College Hospital.  It is a good thing because College is financially stable and our hospital was not  But, it has also lit a fire in me to go back to school or re-evaluate my career.  I've been lazily enjoying the comfort of this job for a long time.  Nine years to be exact.  It has been so good to me.  When Isaac is in school I will have the freedom to make some changes.  I would love to make more money so I can continue to work part time and enjoy life instead of running in a hamster wheel working my life away and not getting much for it.  I already did that for several years when I worked full time and had Monet in day care.   

Me going right which is obviously uncomfortable haha.  But, who cares, I got to surf in a bikini!  That never happens.

One of my favorite pictures from San O.  At San O, there are these bunches of bamboo that people have built over the years with showers and board racks inside them.  The kids call them the jungle.  We usually get there on Wednesday evenings after five.  Robby always surfs first since he's been working all day, so I get the evening session and I love it.  The water is almost always calm.  The orange sun is setting.  When it goes down, you can see the bonfires start up on the beach, the rock wall backdrop and all these bamboo jungles and tiki huts lining the beach.  It is a magical place.
Monet's Grandma Challi made this mermaid outfit just for her.  Monet wore it all day.  Her grandma is so sweet.  I wish she lived closer.  Monet takes after her side of the family in every way. 
Just some girls at a bonfire.  No big deal. :)  Waiting from "shmores" as Isaac calls them.
I have a crush on VWs.  The turquoise one is Billy's.  He had some leftover wood from doing the floors in his house, so he did the van floor as well.  So awesome.  The van in front belongs to Dennis.  They just painted it this color.  It was red before.  They used rollers and brushes even for the chrome.  These guys are at the beach everyday.  We stop by and say hi every once in a while on our way to meet the surf mamas.  Dennis lives on 5th Street in Sunset Beach.  One day when we were at his house, we realized he saw our wedding from his window.

We did a lot of kid swapping this week.  My friend Melinda watched our kids on Monday so I could work, so we watched hers Wednesday night so she could work.  I am so greatful for good friends.  So greatful. 
Ashley's birthday.  I always debate if its worth getting a babysitter and going out.  Its so expensive and we couldn't swap babysitting with friends because most of them were going to be there.  We ate at a delicious organic restaurant called True Foods.  I got a coconut curry shrimp dish.  I have been craving shrimp a lot lately.  It was really good and it was fun to dance and laugh with friends.
Chris getting ready to paddle out at San Onofre.  She got a couple super cute wetsuits from the Billabong sample sale. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer time

Monet and Gator Coach Alec
Yes, my mom put mascara on Monet.  Awesome.  
Monet in her birthday bikini.  She's an 8 year old now.
Our mermaid friend, Julianna

Good times at one of the US Open events at the Shorebreak hotel on the Strand downtown.  They played a surf documentary on the street.  We could see it from the balcony.  We convinced Pete the be in the center of the picture with us ladies.  

This past week and month have been great fun filled with good times, surf days, friends...Between work and playing our summer is flying by.  I can't believe school starts in less than one month.  When the kids are driving me crazy, which hasn't been too often, I try to remember how much I miss them when they're in school.  We had Monet's birthday party at the park this year.  I made a Sponge Bob pinata and we played games and had lunch.  I did some face painting.  The next day, on Monet's actual birthday, we played at Soak City.  Monet loves the big water slides and has to swim to the deepest part of the wave pool where it is so crowded that I lose her, giving me a heart attack.  We left exhausted with cotton candy stuck to our teeth and a sunburn on our cheeks.

Wednesday nights we've been going down to San Onofre for our evening surf/bonfire session.  It's been so relaxing and I guess it could be considered a stay-cation.  This past Wednesday the atmosphere was breathtaking.  The water was 70 degrees, the sunset was so bright and orange and when the stars came out they lit up the sky.  One of these times, I'll remember to bring my guitar with.

My job has been on the fritz.  My supervisor of the past 9 years got laid off last week.  She called me Friday night and I had a split second thought that something was wrong.  She proceeded to tell me she had gotten laid off.  She hired me and she's had my back.  She is one of the only people who knew what kind of job I do.  As a social worker, a lot of work you do goes unnoticed.  We might refer a patient to 10 places before they get accepted to one.  Anyway, there is a rumor that our hospital has been bought by another one, however no one has told us anything.  All middle management was let go.  So, I'm enjoying my job while it's here. 

Yesterday, we spent the day at Bolsa Jetty with the surf moms.  The morning was chilly and gray as it has been almost all summer and the waves were glassy and small.  Isaac boogie boarded with the older boys and Monet played with the babies on the beach.  We surfed, then took the kids to explore the rocks that make-up the jetty.  The sun came out around noon so we decided to go in for a second surf session.  The water was so glassy.  Amber and I were the only mom's left.  She switched off with me and all the kids went back in the water to boogie board and swim.  I love days like that.  On the way home, we stopped at Fiesta Grill for fish tacos and floutas.  Love summer time.

Happy day at San O. Eating hot dogs and resting on the beach.

Our crew at the Modest Mouse concert at the US Open.  Matt Costa opened.
Such cute little beach bums.

Some of the girls at Monet's birthday party.
This last Tuesday at 9th Street.  The waves were super slow and the water was glassy.  I caught this one that reformed on the inside and I was about to launch over it here.  
Inside the Shorebreak with my man and my girls.  Such a fun night.  The DJ was playing all these 80's and 90's jams.  We would be dancing and laughing at the same time.  We don't go out often, so this was extra fun.