Monday, November 18, 2013


I've been trying to post something for what seems like ages now.  Been too busy...even after getting laid off.  Sadly, my job ended after 10 years working at Pacific Hospital of Long Beach.  It was such a great flexible, good paying, rewarding job.  It fulfilled me, but a part of me had been wanting to make a career change for the past couple years.  I didn't act on it, because I loved my job and I was comfortable.  When College Hospital told us our salary would be almost 30% less if they hired us, I realized how unappreciated social work is.  Even if I had my Masters, which I would not get in Social Work, I would then make what I was making if College hired me.  In the end, they rescinded the offer and everyone is social services got laid off.  Our job was broken up and assigned to LCSWs and LVNs.  So, here I am the soccer team mom and Girl Scout co-leader, driving back and forth to school, trying to get what little accomplished I can in between taking care of the kids.  I called the college about maybe updating my teaching credential, applied for unemployment (and got denied because I said I can only work part time due to the cost of childcare) and filed a claim with the state labor board because I wasn't paid for the three weeks we were promised and other employees were....and surfing a lot, working out some, yoga...spending time with friends.  Robby and I celebrated our anniversary.  We went to eat at the restaurant we had our wedding reception at.  Then, last week we went to see Ben Harper live at Claremont University.  It was amazing and somewhat definitive for me.  We sat down in the beatiful orchestra hall, Ben Harper quietly started playing, then he told stories.  He told about how he got signed to Virgin and how he came to find his manager that helped make it happen.  I guess he's from there, so I think it brought back all those memories he wanted to share...but I left feeling so inspired to do in life what makes you happy and to be authentic to yourself, not selling your sole for a price tag.  That type of thing.  Anyway, I loved it.  Novermber has been more than beautiful.  Weather in the high 60's to 70's, glassy water.  I turn 35 in a few days.

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mariah said...

I'm glad you're enjoying life despite the struggles. I guess we have it pretty good. You guys look so cute, I wish I could visit :). I hope I get to see you for Christmas >_<